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Many of you have been involved with stronger marketing campaigns activities in the past such as multi level marketing, direct sales or social networks specialists. We are looking for people like you to join our marketing team and offer our program to new investors out there.

What is a representative?

A representative is someone with good knowledge about Antique Coins who can help new people to join it by offering them support in your local language via e-mail, phone or instant messengers. People with good marketing skills can also become representatives.

Your duties as a representative may include:

  • E-mail support
  • Phone Support
  • Short conferences arrangements
  • Facebook and Twitter advertising
  • Be up to date with all Antique Coins news and updates

Our main goal with this feature is to help people who are not acquainted with online investments to become a part of Antique Coins and start making money with us.

What are the benefits of becoming a representative?

Representatives are entitled extra referral commission if invest over 100BTC. As a representative, you will receive a 20% commission on the first, 5% on the second, 1% on the third, 1% on the fourth level. Right now we have a cap of 100 representatives and inactive ones will be regularly removed. You may also be contacted by our major representative to answer a few questions about Antique Coins; we need to make sure 100% of our representatives are capable of answering questions about our program as they will play a very important role in our program’s development.

How to become a representative?

To become a representative, you need to fill a small form with the information that will be displayed in your Antique Coins profile, in case you are approved for the role of representative. After the form, please write us stating why you want to become a representative and let us know about your past results in the online investment industry, if you have any. Our team will review your request and contact you back within a few days.

Become a Representative:

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