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1.What is the Antique Coins?
Antique coin is the coin of the wealthy of the world has as conservation of assets. "Although it may rise in value, it never goes down" is the biggest feature of antique coin, it is one of the charms.
2.For how many years have you been functional?
In April 2018 ATQ - COINS.COM released the platform. It was hired in the middle of 2016 to prepare to start accepting investment from administrative individuals in 2016.
3.Can you provide confirmation of your investment records and results?
It is regarded as a secret of the company, Data is not open to the public. In this way, bear the criminal risk to us, service, ATQ-COINS can be characterized as a contradiction investment counselor with our point of view of business and Exchange Law, to publish this data. As much as we can, we share our achievements on a subjective scale.
4.How do I sign up with you?
In order to sign up we need to register the account by clicking on the registration on the website. Then we will process the rest as you just need to investment funds to your account with your favorite payment method with simple ANTIQUE-COINS.
5.How do I invest funds into my account?
You need to use the payment system account to fund to ANTIQUE-COINS. Currently, we are using Bitcoin`s payment system. If you have any questions, please contact us. Details will be replied within 24 hours.
6.Why use payment systems?
Payment System done each transaction is instantaneous and the cost is minimal compared to bank transfer fee, it is a very advantageous approach when transferring funds via the online platform. Because they are very easy to exchange funds with our trading account, it fits our action plan very well.
7.I would prefer to not create a payment system account, would I be able to invest via bank wire?
Almost all settlement systems have direct deposits by bank transfer. Because we need to conduct additional verification at each time of transfer of our company, banks may possess funds for some reason, so we do not use direct bank telegraphy for our company. By using the payment system, you are guaranteed to move quickly to and from our trading account. It can also receive money from us shortly after being sent.
8.Can I sign up using a credit card?
No, direct payment with credit card is not possible in ANTIQUE- COINS platform.
9.What are the requirements for opening an account?
You just need to fill out the form with your personal details by clicking on the "Register" button at the top of our homepage.
10.I lost my password. What should I do?
Click the reset password link below the log in box, it complies with the provisions of the process. If for some reason it is not successful please contact our support team, we will reset it for you.
11.Will my initial investment be returned at the expiration of the investment period?
Yes, the principal will be returned at the maturity of the investment period.
12.Who can join ANTIQUE-COINS?
Our individuals from all over the world, however, admit you should be no less than 18 years of age in order to create an account.
13.What kind of invest is available?
We are using Bitcoin payment system.
14.What is the investment period?
The investment period will be 180 days or 365 days depending on the plan.
15.What is the least investment total?
At least investment amount is 0.5BTC.
16.Can I make more than one active invest?
Yes, all investments are taken care of independently and you can make various investments in Bitcoin.
17.Can I cancel my active investment prior to its expiration date?
No. you can not cancel.
18.At which time can I get back my profit?
Everything will be paid-back when you reach maturity.
19.What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
After maturity of investment the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01BTC
20.How can I start withdrawing?
You need to login to the member area and click on finances. Next, please select the amount of money.
21.What is the ANTIQUE-COINS affiliate program?
Our affiliate program is an approach to gain additional money by referring new individuals to ANTIQUE-COINS. It isn't compulsory to refer others to profit but rather it's an extraordinary approach to ex-pand your earnings. We have a four level deep referral system which implies that you will gain commissions on investments made by people you refer and likewise on deposits made by their re-ferrals.
22.What amount would I be able to earn from referral commissions?
The reffaral commission earns of 15% in the first level, 3% in the second level, 1% in the third level, 1% in the fourth level.
23.What is a representative?
Representatives are promoters with great promotional aptitudes eager to assist newcomers by means of email, telephone or instant messengers. At the point when another financial investor visits our website initially, they can reach out to a local representative in their native dialect to make inquiries concerning ANTIQUE-COINS and its business.
24.What is the upside of being a representative?
the representative earns a higher referral fee.
25.How do I become a representative?

Please contact us from the inquiry form. Please tell us what you achieved for ANTIQUE-COINS. We will assess your profile and get in touch with you to communicate our response. Please note that it is mandatory to make a minimum investment (100 BTC) before applying.

26.When I become the representative, what will be the referral commission?
When you become a representative, referral commissions will be increased 5%.
27.Is there a banner or other material available to promote ANTIQUE-COINS?
Yes, they are located under REFERRAL in the member area.
28.Can I refer to myself?
No, you cannot.
29.When referral commissions can withdrawal?
Refferal commissions can be withdrawal after deposit maturity.

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